80s TV ads: content marketing that worked

Growing up in 1980s Britain there were a few big questions that taxed my childish mind. Chief among them: why does the fantastic TV advertising keep getting interrupted by depressing news about Chernobyl, the miners’ strike, and IRA bombings?

TV ads in the 80s were great. We imitated them in the playground. We talked about them at the dinner table. We asked our dads what the jokes meant.

If you want to get consumers to have ‘conversations’ around your brand, you could do worse than study the TV ads of the 1980s. Like…

Hello Tosh, got a Toshiba?

Red Rock Cider: it’s not red and there’s no rocks in it.

Holsten Pils: the sugar turns to alcohol.

These ads and plenty others all had one man behind them, Dave Trott. Here he is giving a TedX talk:

It’s not just about advertising. If you want to think better, solve problems in a creative way, or get your wife to make you a cup of tea you should watch this video.

He also has a fantastic blog, has written three books, and writes a column for Campaign Live.