What’s Next in Computing?
Chris Dixon

Great essay from Chris Dixon. If you’re a developer, things are going to change a lot over the next ten years…

Machine learning is going to be everywhere. Machine learning will be a key technology for automating work and handling complex data, the two areas that deliver maximum ROI to businesses today. Learn machine learning!

And get ready to program a lot of smart hardware. Most software today takes input from a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen and provides output to a screen. The user provides input and receives the output. But future devices will receive input from sensors, and take direct action through actuators. UI will be less obvious. Many devices and applications won’t even have ‘users’ as we think of them today at all.

The autonomous future consists of:

  1. Sensors embedded in devices, communicating via the cloud.
  2. Machine learning making complex decisions based on all this data.
  3. Actuators that do things based on these smart decisions.

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