The Ultimate Marketing Stack for Startups
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How to market your startup

Anybody interested in marketing their startup must read this Quora answer from Venkatesh Rao. He shares a lot of analysis, but the money bit is his startup marketing process:

  1. Start your marketing presence before (ideally 2–3 years before) you even write a LINE of code, when the product is no more than a twinkle in your eye. Just start establishing category thought leadership in a relevant sector and start getting to know the market.
  2. When you’ve got a trusted and well-known voice and a nice thriving and relevantchannel of messaging that YOU own (like a blog, or a YouTube channel) with an audience that is clearly characterized, THEN you start thinking of various ideas that might serve it.
  3. THEN you put up a minimum-viable product that is no more than an email-list sign-up. If you cant’ get at least a 100–200 people to sign up within a week, using your captive channel, you are not ready to launch a GbnS product in the space (and don’t kid yourself, I am 99.9% certain that your product is GbnS without knowing ANYTHING more about you, simply because only 0.01% of ideas count as “spectacular.”)
  4. Keep the drum-beat going. When your first release is out, you should have several hundred people already queued up to try it. Push comes to shove, cut down engineering investment to keep the marketing investment healthy and growing. Even if your product idea tanks, a strong marketing asset can be reused for another idea. A failed technical product? Not so much.

By all means use the right stack, but the process matters more.