I’m interested to hear your thoughts behind this.

Thanks for the comment Dave. Not sure I have an interesting theory but I’ll give it a shot!

Narrowly, I just meant Medium is better than Word ever was for internet publishing. In the early days of the Web MS tried to convince us we could save Word docs to HTML. It was awful. Some people reasoned: “in the future everybody will want to publish to the Web (correct). But tools handle HTML badly (correct then, not now). Therefore everybody will learn HTML (not correct).” Tools like WordPress, Facebook Pages, Medium etc. enable anybody to publish on the Internet with no coding knowledge at all. It’s easier to post a document on the Internet now, using Medium, than it is to write a Word document and print it out or email it as an attachment.

Word and Medium both exist so we can write documents that other people read. Defined like that Medium inarguably does a better job. The writing part is easier. And while with Word getting your document in front of readers remained your problem, now it’s all in the scope of the Medium tool.

Industries are rarely disrupted by a competitor that does the same job a little better, but by tools that do a BIGGER job and make it MUCH easier.

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