Current Events

This past week, the entire world has found out that 9 time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt was stripped from one of his gold medals. This was not Bolt’s fault however it was one of his teammates in the 4x100 relay in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. His teammate was tested at the conclusion of the races but the results were negative. However, the committees can keep the samples for up t a decade to do additional testing and research. That is why this breaking news has came out several years after those summer Olympics. Bolt understood that he has to give his medal back so he is now down to 8 total gold medals and does not have the triple-triple. This is major news to everyone because he was tied for most gold medals by any track athlete in Olympic history. He is an idol to many people across the globe, even non-track athletes. It is unfortunate that this news has happened so late in his career knowing that he is probably not going to run in the Olympics again.