Ethical Obligations

Someone left money sticking out of an ATM machine and there’s nobody in sight. Nobody but Ben, that is. If he takes it, does that make him a thief? What should he do?

Things like this happen all the time. People may forget to grab the money or even their card from the machine. Money is a valuable thing to people. When Ben has come up to the ATM machine and sees the money, he should think about the positives and negatives of if he would take the money. A positive for Ben would be he got basically free money. We do not know how much money was left but any amount of money is more than what he was expecting. A negative would be stealing someone else’s money since they accidentally left it behind. We do not know but that person may return to the ATM later that day when they had realized what they did.

So should Ben take the money? In my opinion, yes he should because it is similar to finding a quarter in a parking lot. Same situation, its money laying on the ground that someone had dropped and forget to pick up. Yes it is a lot smaller amount then what was probably left in the ATM machine but it is still money. So Ben finding the money in the machine with no one around leaves only himself to take it. The only one to know it was him who took it is his own self.

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