How To Achieve Peace of Mind at the Sight of List Posts
Carrie Speaking

I have nothing against the use of lists, in fact I use them whenever possible since they simplify the content and make it easier to follow and sift through. My issue is with the unjustified use of magical solution titles/words, like:

  • the ultimate guide for…
  • the complete guide for…
  • the only 3 things you need to know about…
  • the 10 things you need for a complete…
  • how to be filthy rich in just 6 months
  • and so on

Those titles play on the ever-hoping formula-seeking part of us to just click through and then read something that barely adds any value or can offer practical takeaways.

I believe such titles reinforce the delusions that such solutions exist and make people feel bad because everyone else is figuring it out except for them, because at the end of the day no list or formula can work for 2 people alike and successful people always end up with their own formulas.

I just hope that more authors opt for realistic, practical and humble versions of the same advice, which would add value to readers and make them feel better about themsevles.

This requires caring more about people than stats, which is not the case in the content ecosystem we’re living in.

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