I’m presently looking at a fresh dusting of snow, but taking heart that signs of Spring are indeed becoming apparent. For all of you here in the Northwest, Alfa Vedic Botanical Gardens is kicking off the new growing season, with the first of several workshops to be hosted here at the farm in the near future. This particular event will feature renown mycelium guru, and owner of Fungaia Farm, Levon Durr:

The Art Of Cultivating Mushrooms on Logs

AV Botanical Gardens
4125 Big Flat Rd, Crescent City
Saturday, March 2nd from 1pm to 3pm
$25 per person

This is mushroom…

So, which eating strategy is best for you? I’ve explored everything evidentiary, theoretical and anecdotal in the anticipation of reaching a straight-forward answer to this universal conundrum.

Athletics became my initial proving ground. I was determined to transform my own foraging habits into a predictable and productive science. Extreme weight gains, paired with a relative degree of agility and speed were requisite for football season. (Yes, that’s me with no neck). Adding strength and body mass were the focus of Winter training, while Spring and early Summer were about leaning-out for greater speed and stamina.

Okay, I just had an all too typical client phone chat … persistent cough, dull headache and brain fog. What gives? Such complaints from otherwise healthy people are now the norm. As it became apparent in years past that these symptoms were on a significant rise my forensic sensibilities were piqued to categorize them within a conventional diagnostic context. Concrete clues from lab results and the like remained elusive, and I was forced to look ‘out-of-the-box’ for both answers and solutions.

There is now zero doubt! The causative agents and culpable parties have been identified by an overwhelming number of…

Hydrogen is the new buzz word amidst health enthusiasts and practitioners alike. A burgeoning industry has emerged to provide a myriad of expensive technologies, supplements and bottled hydrogen-enriched water to make greater concentrations of H2 available to the body. Why?

Molecular Hydrogen is nature’s most primal antioxidant, while promoting a healthy metabolism for a functional boost to energy and vitality.

Would you like a low-tech, low-cost alternative to expensive water machines and products to increase daily H2 levels in your body? Eat an Apple!

An apple a day’, as the old proverb wisely states, will release significant levels of H2…

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

BioTerrain Medicine, Functional Movement specialist, certified Master Gardener/Permaculturist

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