Dr. Behnam Rostami on the Emotional Power of Classical Music

Dr. Behnam Rostami loves to listen to classical music. In fact, that is one of his favorite pastimes, even though he also loves hiking and several other outdoor activities. Still, when he leans back in his favorite chair and turns on the speakers, the outside world ceases to exist. This is a relationship that’s been decided long ago, and one that will accompany him for the rest of his life. But what it is that makes classical music such a powerful experience?

It Does Something to the Body

Music triggers physiological reactions within the body. Our hormone levels change, our heart starts to beat faster or slower depending on the emotion the music conveys, and we get into a different mindset. Classical music is even more potent than other kinds of music, so much so that it can actually lower one’s blood pressure, as researchers from the University of Oxford have discovered. This is corroborated by the British Cardiovascular Society Conference as well. Different classical pieces seem to have different effects, and research shows that some of them (like Beethoven’s 9th Symphony) have lowered the test subjects’ blood pressure.

Improved Sleeping Patterns

Another positive finding that was associated with listening to classical music is improved sleep patterns. While listening to classical music is not an easy cure for insomnia, those who regularly listen to it usually sleep better, or at least that is what several studies have found.

Dr. Behnam Rostami doesn’t use classical music as a means to an end in his life, but he surely appreciates it for what it is — an art of the highest order.

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