Dr. Behnam Rostami — What to Know About Wisdom Teeth?

While wisdom teeth might not make you smarter, they can be the cause of significant pain if they’ve overstayed their time. In fact, removal of wisdom teeth is one of the common types of tooth extraction procedures in many countries. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Behnam Rostami has dealt with many patients who required their wisdom teeth removed.

Purpose of wisdom teeth
In ancient times, wisdom teeth were somewhat of a necessity given the diets then consisted of leaves and roots. Early man was able to eat tough foods using this set of teeth. However, once you get into your teenage years and have gained some wisdom, this set of molars “erupts.” Since you already have a couple of sets of molars, wisdom teeth are not necessary.

Removal of wisdom teeth is necessary since many people don’t have room in their mouth for the extra teeth. Because of the lack of space, the extra molars try to push through the gums, thus causing jaw stiffness and pain. In some cases, the teeth can force themselves through tight spaces or bad angles, thus resulting in crooked teeth.

Some people don’t have issues with wisdom teeth. The teeth erupt and grow without any issues. If your wisdom teeth grow without issues, you’ll have an extra set of teeth for everyday use. However, if wisdom teeth become impacted, an oral procedure such as extraction may be required.

Dr. Behnam Rostami has practiced as a dentist for more than three decades, first in Iran and then in the USA.