You want the truth?

Our 5M Mastermind is filled with driven dentists who, at the end of 2015, acknowledged they weren’t satisfied. They wanted more.

From New York to Oregon, Ohio to Florida, young and old alike, 2016 is shaping up to be the best year in dentistry for 9 top doctors! How would you like to make 2017 your best year, yet, in practice?

To get you pumped and ready for the 2017 Solstice 5M Mastermind, we’ve rounded up some of the top “quotables” from our talented 5M dentists.

Dr. Brad Hester, Oregon

“As we go through a session, it always increases my knowledge, my understanding. It’s really exciting.”

“If you want to dramatically set your office apart, improve the systems in your practice and significantly increase your bottom-line, you will find no better training than the Solstice 5M Mastermind with Dr. Bill Williams.”

Dr. Kevin Poupore, New York

“It’s nice to be around other high-minded dentists.”

“You can see bigger goals [in the Mastermind] than you could have imagined yourself.”

Dr. Greg Prior, Florida

“$12,077 dollar day today and $10,250 scheduled for tomorrow. I could get use to this!”

Dr. John Reddick, Tennessee

“When I finally go to work, I’ll think about retiring. What I do is fun.”

Dr. Gregg May, Louisiana

“Great to be around others who have your best interest at heart.”

Dr. Cassandre Joseph, North Carolina

“Being part of this group has been my biggest success this year.”

“If your desire is unbelievable growth (personal, mental, business, spiritual, and practice) you need to be part of the 5M Mastermind group!”

Dr. Rudy Braydich, Ohio

“Finished my best month ever in April! Monthly Production of $123K for 12 days! The scheduling hints, case presentation ideas, team organization, positive atmosphere, and review of the basics have made all the difference. Our investment has already paid off BIG!”

Which What quote was your favorite?

I would love to know. You see, my goal is to equip you with tools that actually work for you, not against you. Many coaches and consultants want to feed you “their” plan as though it is one-size-fits-all. What I know after four decades practicing high-level dentistry is that your practice is unique. You need YOUR plan for your practice, not “A Plan” for every practice.

If you’re ready to acknowledge you want more and need help getting there, the odds are high that the Solstice 5M Mastermind is for you.

Click the link below here to find out how you can join the 5M Mastermind for in 2017.