My Sisters Asked to Learn English, Today. After 19 Yrs.

The issues with our education system.

My elder sister, Sasmita.

On a general conversation over WhatsApp, she asked me to pick up a good book for her, this evening.

I asked why?

“I want to learn English”, she replied.

I agreed with her (her decision brought me extreme pleasure) but denied to buy one. And I know I’m taking the right decision. The decision isn’t about whether I should buy one or not.

It’s about how she should learn English in a way, completely different from the typical track laid down by our education system. In the most efficient way, I wish.

The problem with our education system is simple. It hardly guides us to learn from experience. From life experiences. It urges us to learn the BASIC THINGS from books ALL THE TIME. Books are extremely important, infact most important way of learning. But, books aren’t enough for basics. We should apply the knowledge in our life. We should gain experience from that. We should learn from these experiences. That’s true education. And books are meant for this.

Reading a book, you aren’t going to apply in your life is a wastage of time.

Our education system is always in hurry. So much hurry, it skips the way of life. Education is an essence of life not a way of life. Our basic education must come from experience and next from books & other sources. Our education system is failing because we are failing to learn at most from it. It’s as simple as that.

Learning English as a language, is a tool to express yourself & basic education. And one should learn more from experience than any grammar books. I have seen Indian kids who never saw a grammar book, who never attended school, yet speak more than 10 languages with much easier than a English professor. Seriously! For me, they are the true masters who mastered the way of expressing themselves than expressing a mere language.Kids, you heard that right. I suggested her Quora. In the next couple of minutes I introduced her to Quora. Boom! She is on the right & fast track. Learning from the dynamic & diverse source of knowledge, Quora. I got to know about Quora a year back. I thank myself, I wasn’t too late for me. I’m glad I introduced her at the first place.

I’ve faced the exact same problem, probably almost everybody in my friend circle. Later changed the prospective & started learning from life doing mistakes over mistakes. And I’d never let my sister fight the battle for learning again.

At the end, before I go to bed, I see each of these mistakes as priceless. I often laugh at. How all these happened while learning from “how to speak English” to “program few lines of code” while still in medical college!

Now I see awesomeness everywhere. Some are hidden, though.