Mind Your Toes
Lisa Renee

Stories like that have made me an OK living as a Chiropractor for 30 years. A little old lady fractures her spine opening a window. Countless deconditioned obese people’s backs go boom bending over to pick up a sock. Ribs fracture from coughing. Knees buckle while walking and then you face plant into a gas pump. A store clothing rack falls over and striked a young girl in the neck, herniating her disc. A trained gymnast does a forward roll on a padded mat and breaks both bones in her forearm.

An older man once came to me for hip pain. He had heard a loud noise outside his home months before and walked to the front door. There he heard a much louder noise from above. He looked up to see his ceiling flying into the air. Then he looked down and saw that HE was 20 feet in the air! Next thing he knew, he was laying on the front lawn with a broken hip, surrounded by pink insulation like so much cotton candy. A tornado had sucked off his roof and then sucked him right out of his house . He didn’t seem to appreciate my admiration for this amazing, albeit temporary, ability to fly. I try not to show too much excitement at some of the more ridiculous stories I hear anymore.