Why it’s Time to Recognize Tommy Robinson A Terrorist Preacher
CJ Werleman

In order to show that Robinson was ‘inciting’ violence and terrorism, you’d have to point to something HE did, not things that other people did. Loose links are not enough. Given how closely he’s scrutinised by the law, don’t you think that if he had ever uttered anything that counted as ‘hate speech’ he’d have been done for it by now? And by the way, how’s about you investigate a little more before you decide what really went on in some school fight. There’s always more to such stories. And are you sure you are not ‘inciting’ the violent threats that the boy involved, and his family, have since received? Seems to be a link to me. Shall I report you for hate speech? Incitement? And given that Robinson has over a million Facebook followers, it’s a pretty good guess that there are many who’ve committed some wrong or other — why not trawl for that and blame it all on Tommy while you are at it?