“QuadCoreChain is designed to be a smart contract, crypto currency platform, decentralizing Live Streaming of Video”

I have found a new ico in the market that creates a big impact in my curiosity, that offers a decentralizing live stream of a video. Imagine that you can reach out for you favorite bands , they can talk to you , they can even have fun with you chat with you and even they can send a virtual hugs for you, that’s cool right? That could be amazing, having that is just a dream for someone else but now, I think that our imaginations turns into reality.

But first and foremost, what is decentralized means?

Decentralization is a word that describe to a form of an organization. In which even the local or the people in the lower rank is also allowed to any decision with the supervision of the higher ranks.

Decentralizing platform is a very good concept and idea and that’s what the QUADCORECHAIN ICO is offering to us, people will freely express their ideas thru live streaming, whether the user is a well know artist such as singers, dancers ,actors , businessmen and even you can have a chat with them. It can create bonds and trust with each and everyone.

You may reach them out here