Virtual reality: Templates for UI design in VR
Sam Applebee

Hi beautiful minds.

I am just a dentist with huge interest in design in general (a photoshop addict) and a special interest for vulnerable populations and underserved kids .

So my plan is to establish through my small Ngo (UASBD African Union for Oral Health) teledentistry guided mobile dental clinics for isolated primary schools (i bet i am confusing you here ..but beleive me i will get more concrete in a minute :) )
Since our first concern in that incredible phobia that have been demonstrated in those angel’s eyes whenever they see our instruments..i came up with the idea of making a virtual reality approach for theses particular patients .many studies have demonstrated how relevant are the decreasing of anxiety through immersive VR.
Now not being a great techy in this domain ..i finally arrived here ..and i can finally say that this is my real starting point thank you for the great article .
Now based of your precious informations , i would ask two simple questions :
1 Since we plan to use the VR tool (gear , cardboard ..) during the medical act (on the dental chair) , we would like to avoid the over motion of the patient’s head (we need a fixed open mouth for a proper treatment) how do we measure the VR packground and overall scenes dimensions for that purpose ?
2 would it be easier and/or more efficient to opt for a VR journey (peacefull eviroment etc ..) or a serious educational game about dentistry ?
I know i ve been too explicit too soon ..but please be indulgent to my hyper excitement to finally found my gurus ..
hyge hugs from Tunisia .