The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis
Richard Kenneth Eng

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. More or less i have an equal amount of years behind me, until JS came about my career has been mostly about assembly, c++ to c#. I hated Javascript. And i encounter people that share your opinion almost daily at my job as half of our partners are scrambling and their developers are often disgruntled for having to move on.

But eventually i learned to work with it and it did change my mind.

Javascript does things none of the languages above do. Its flexibility is an amazing asset to have. Its tools put native land to absolute and utter shame. Its community is the biggest on earth and it’s quite something to be able to find just about everything. It’s at the forefront of innovation. Things like Reacts functional UI and Redux are quickly becoming the go-to-standard (that includes native) as they replace the dreaded MVC/MVVM model. You say frameworks change like fruit flies, and conveniently ignore that they all base on the same principles. React, Preact, Inferno, Mithril, Vue, and many others are just derivatives of the same idea, they all take in JSX, too.

Would i, in 2017, go through the mind warping pain and use c#/ on the server instead of Node? At gunpoint maybe. Would i write a desktop app in XAML/GTK/Xamarin instead of React? You’d have to force me. Would i write a mobile app using anything other than React-native? Nope.

No offence, but you’re blinded by what you think you know preventing you from seeing what you’re missing. Assuming everyone else must be in some kind of psychosis is kind of lazy.

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