This past week has been one of the hardest in our nation’s recent history. The murder by police of George Floyd has resonated something with Americans, especially White Americans, that wasn’t there before. There is anger, pain, sadness, frustration, determination, and so many other feelings that I am not eloquent enough to describe.

There are so many things that I have to learn about being not just an ally but an anti-racist. By beginning to be more active in this small area of allyship I have found many resources that force me to think harder.

One of those resources is a piece of what I’ll just call short form internet literature that is making its way around the various social media platforms is a list of things that White people can do that Black people have gotten killed for by police. This includes things like jogging (Ahmaud Arbery), and watching tv in their own home (Breonna Taylor) and many many more. This is a poignant list. It is an important list. It is a heartbreaking list. …

The best show I’ve ever seen was at SXSW in 2014. It was in this tiny little hot dog — yes hot dog — restaurant somewhere in Austin that I can’t name and probably couldn’t find again. My friends Alex Braden and Nathan Mitchell REALLY wanted to see this band — I think it was the only band they were hardset on seeing while we were there — and so we got there early enough to get some space right next to the stage. I hadn’t ever heard of this band until we were driving away from VA. The place was packed. The stage was maybe 4 feet high. One of the band members was late. …

Dan Coda

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