Though my evidence is purely personal and largely based on my subjective intuition about a person’s hidden intent, I believe my experience supports the theory that while feminism has improved women’s ability to live their lives outside of the male gaze
What My Stomach Parasite Taught Me About The Male Gaze
E Sailer Sklar

The problem with this article is it’s unilateral focus and apparent lack of true self- reflection. So what if men are attracted to a woman’s physique? After all a woman’s body, and it’s wonder and reproductive capacity, allows to live in the first place. Where would we be if women did not have a healthy body to reproduce with? Where does evolution fit in your perspective?

Another problem is that when the feminist message merges with a woman’ trauma or emotional disregulation, the message gets blurred and disorganized. It becomes about anger rather than a rational dialogue to move forward and heal appropriately.

The question remains , what about a woman’s gaze? Many men have had the experience of being used, or rejected, by a woman because a man isn’t tall enough, doesnt have the right social status or doesn’t make enough money. Apparently these are factors that don’t matter to you.

On the other hand, I would agree that men should be included in the feminism dialogue at earlier age. Another issue is that medium readers are more likely to be receptive to your message; to really get things going they should be run on Breitbart or FOXNews

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