Dear Son, How Did You Make My Morning So Wonderful?

Credit to Abby Gouldsbarry for this photo of my family

Dear son,

I thought I knew God’s love — then we had you. Now I see just how unconditional it can really be.

This morning I begrudgingly rolled out of bed, awake way earlier than I intended, and realized the cold which I’ve been fighting off all week finally got the better of my immune system. I made tea because we’re out of coffee right now (you’ll understand the value of coffee one day), and I thought how that’s strike two against this Saturday. Then I realized how I’m constantly working on Saturdays and how I don’t want this one, one of the few I get at home with you, to be a bad one.

Your dog wouldn’t listen to me, so that was irritating too.

I sat down to write because it’s been about a week and I still couldn’t think of anything to write about. I believe they call that writer’s block, and one day you’ll use it as an excuse to not write a paper for school.

Then you woke up.

Now, at first I was a little upset about this — I figured you’d sleep longer than 6:50 am. I knew that once you were out of bed there would be no hope of writing anymore. But, you needed me, so I went.

“Good morning, bubby”, I whispered as I opened your door and turned on the light. You greeted me with an excited squeal, a smile, and — once I picked you up — about four kisses. I got you ready for the morning, all the while you were telling me about your dreams (I think) in your own special language. You shared your cereal with me because you’re always a very generous boy with your food. Next, we played and wrestled around on the floor while listening to some jazz.

You know what? I couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

Son, you love me with a pure, God-inspired, love. You love me unconditionally. You love me with no ulterior motives, but just to be with me.

I thought I knew God’s love — then we had you.

I thought love was a feeling, maybe doing nice things for someone you care about. Now I see the deeper love of a relationship. I see that it is about knowing and being known. I see that it is kindness & smiles, time spent & open ears. Love is flexibility. Love is sacrificing the desire for things to be how you think they should be and making it work with how they are.

Son, you’re showing me how you will love others throughout your life through your peaceful demeanor, your generosity, your kindness. You will love others by showing them that they’re valued and wanted. You will love others by giving them a listening ear and giving them your time. You will be present for those in need.

Even at one year old, you’re a lot like Jesus. I pray that never changes.

Now you’re teaching me how to love you by how you love momma & me. Thank you, son, for a wonderful morning.

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