For What it’s Worth

An Open Letter to My Friends

Dear Friends,

For what it’s worth — thank you. I wish there were better words I could put together than those two in particular in order to convey the deep gratitude swelling in my heart, but, alas, there are none. Best to keep it simple anyway.

For what it’s worth — I can never repay you. I can never gather enough wealth to make equal your generosity both in money and in kindness. You’ve done so much for me and my family these last few months.

At first, I was reluctant to take help. I wasn’t thrilled about selling my loved possessions in order to make rent & other bills each month, about losing sleep and watching my wife’s security diminish & fail, but once that little minus sign started showing up before my account balances consistently with no sign of disappearing . . . well, I realized that I need(ed) you.

Now I’m worried I’ve gotten too good at accepting your help.

But, even our precious Jesus took a hand carrying His cross to that hill. You all gave us a hand carrying the burden of our family cross to the apex and now, we pray, we’ll resurrect to a new glory of His goodness.

For what it’s worth — I will be kinder to you. I will love you more. I will be hospitable. If I can care for you & your needs, I will do it.

This is to be Christ.

For what it’s worth — our families, you also are our closest friends.

For what it’s worth . . .

We love you.

That is worth it all.

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