I’m a Partner?


It all seemed to happen so fast . . . I never saw it coming.

I was sitting there at my desk, listening to a friend tell me how I really should be writing more because she really enjoys the way I write and she’s already read everything I’ve written at least once. I told her that I would like to, but I’ve been busy, I don’t have anything worth sharing right now, etc. You know — all those typical things we writer-folk say when our routine gets disrupted or we think that every piece we knock out should be the next Iliad. I mean Michael Christopher Migioia hits us with golden nuggets of wisdom multiple times a day, surely I can put something out there.

Honestly, I probably have plenty worth sharing. Remember that thing I told you about awhile back that I couldn’t share yet — the “biggest spiritual breakthrough of my life”? Yeah, half of it is here and I’ll be sharing soon enough! That’s worth writing about. So is my son’s 1st birthday that happened recently. So is my new house. A picture is worth 1,000 words, but these five sum it up well:

courtesy of various meme sites at which I spend too much of my time

But, I digress . . .

So, I log onto Medium, fingers poised, draft opened. I’m ready to run the literary marathon, and I see something new at the finish line: “your audience”.

Apparently, with no discoverable email or notice, I have been accepted into the Medium Partner Program!

A blessing straight from God Himself.

It started when I developed a love for reading in seminary. Then I dreamt of creating beautiful words — like those I had been reading — that exhort, edify and draw people closer to Christ. Earlier this year, during a time of fasting & prayer, God gave me the vision to write a book in 2021, but I had to be a faithful steward of the gift of writing He had given me. So I began to practice here.

And now, just a few, short months later, I will officially have the capacity to earn money for my writing; something I would forever do for free simply for the love I have and the life it gives.

I am humbled and blown away. A new fire has been lit within my heart and I’m recommitting to being a disciplined writer. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this venture.

I want to encourage everyone here who reads or writes: it will happen. Do not ever stop or lose hope in anything you dream. Do not walk away from the vision God gives you. Do what you do because it is your lifeblood, not for any other reason. The rest will fall into place with a little faith and a lot of time.

So, now what?

I guess I’ll write.

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