Believe in Yourself: Live Beyond Limits

What if who you are is greater than you or anyone else has ever acknowledged? Believe in yourself, because the truth is, you have the capacity to truly create and change anything you desire. The only thing stopping you is the belief that you can’t.

For many of us, early on in life we decided that we were too much and we did all that we could to shrink ourselves down to a size that was acceptable to the world around us. We mimicked what we saw in others. We mimicked our parents, our family and our friends too. We knew more was possible — we knew we had abilities and capacities that could change a whole lot of things, but we didn’t want to be different, or too much. We didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable or invalidate what they had decided was real and true. So into the box we went! We cut off pieces of ourselves and shrunk them down in order to fit into what the world around us considered appropriate. We did it! We made ourselves small to make everyone else feel good in our presence.

After living in the limitation, the restriction, the rules and the confinement for so long, we forgot that other choices were available. We forgot who and what we are.

Are you ready to come out of the box — the box of limitation, the box of judgment, the box of lies about you? And, are you ready to remember who you really are? Is now the time to claim, own and acknowledge the greatness of you?

What would it take to unlock you and to set you free?

Showing up as the greatness of you…no matter how different it is…could be all it takes to change a situation, an experience, more impact or far-reaching change that impacts a group of people, a city, or even the world?

Imagine for a moment, a life without limits. What would that look like? What would that BE like? Now imagine yourself without limits. No restrictions. No stopping points. No holding back or making yourself small. You, fully being you, the infinite, potent, unlimited being that you are.

You could create sweeping possibilities.

A life without limits is possible. A life beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready to give up mimicking everyone around you in an attempt to fit in? Would you be willing to be different? To be YOU?

Limitless living begins with a choice. The choice to have and be all of you. The choice to believe in yourself and live a life without bounds!

Here are some tools that will contribute to that choice:

  1. Live in the Question — Not in the Answer

To truly experience limitless living is to continuously live in the question. To keep moving forward. Questions create possibilities and open doors that otherwise appear hidden and closed.

“What else is possible? What else is could I choose here that I’ve never considered? Whats right about this I’m not getting?”

Questions take us past the limitations of our mind and into the realm of possibility. They take us beyond everything we think could stop us or hold us back and give us the choice to choose something different every moment of every day.

  1. Live in 10-second Increments

In order to mimic the people around us, in order to stay small enough to fit in the box, we cut off our awareness and begin to function on autopilot. Limitless living requires that we stop functioning on autopilot and to be totally present. The potency of our presence removes all barriers, destroys all boxes and sets us free! The pragmatic way to begin to be present in every moment of your life is to choose every 10 seconds.

If you had 10 seconds to live the rest of your life, what would you choose? Ok. That lifetime is over. If you had 10 seconds to live the rest of your life, what would you choose? Keep doing this every 10 seconds. You will find yourself present in every moment of your life. Consciously choosing what you would like to create.

  1. Acknowledge YOU as the Source

When all is said and done, what do you really have? YOU!

You are the starting point for the creation of your limitless life! You are the source for the creation of your money, your wealth, your relationships, your career, and everything else.

Would you be willing to acknowledge the greatness and brilliance of you? Would you be willing to recognize you as the source for creating your phenomenal limitless life?

There’s so much more that can be said about Living Beyond Limits and we’re just getting started! Now is the time to turn the autopilot of limitations off. Now is the time to be fully alive. Are you ready to be all of you? Are you ready to choose to LIVE BEYOND LIMITS?

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Originally published at on July 27, 2016.