Case Study For Project 2

Daniel Ramirez


Case Study Findings and analysis (this url will provide a look into the prototype itself)

Brief Summary:

After selecting a company (REI, PeaPod, Pete’s Coffee, etc) and receiving an project brief, we were to follow the prompt as to create a product for said company. From there we were to present the wireframes as a proof of concept at the end of a 2 week period.

My Plan of Attack

This was an individual project, my focus was creating a solution according to the project brief. key points were to research competitive analysis, alternate forms of networking, and creating creative solutions.

Challenge Accepted

The challenge was to create a platform that had the same look and feel as the company site while provide many key features and innovations based on 2 different types of users. In this case it was for both optometrists and customers of Warby Parker

The Rundown

Since prioritizing was vital, time was utilized to the greatest of extents. I designed a third party webpage that would allow optometrists that do not belong explicitly to Warby Parker to join, create,upload, and manipulate patient data. This would enable the customers of Warby Parker to obtain their prescription and ease the shopping experience, even when the customer does not live near a Warby location.

The problem that this third party site corrects is the customers inability to obtain data of prescription. With this information it allows customers to shop with much more ease as well as communicate and schedule appointments. The site is also geared towards optometrist that need to communicate with their patients and expand their customer base.