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We were in the car on our way to the beach. Palm trees passed by as I peered out the passenger side window. The sun was shining. My husband had just given me a wink and smirk that said, Let’s make love later. My son, niece and the dog were in the back seat miraculously getting along. And I was looking good. Bronze smooth legs. Hair straightened. I was sexy and ready to strut my stuff on the white sand.

I opened my magazine to kill the thirty or so minutes it would take us to get to the salty…

Photo courtesy of Danielle Clark
Photo courtesy of Danielle Clark
Photo courtesy of Danielle Clark

While discussing sexual harassment during a human resources module, I without planning added, “…And it can happen to anyone, at any time. In fact, just a few years ago, it happened to me.” I was shocked as those words came out of my mouth. I hadn’t planned to be so personal, so vulnerable. When I had been lecturing to my business undergraduate students about sexual harassment, I sensed the topic seemed distant and unrelatable to many. But now that I had proclaimed ‘me too’, my students no longer had a glazed look in their eyes. They were now leaning in…

Photo by Run Away from Pexels

I have been caught, I thought. He knows I am a fraud. My recent interaction with my inner impostor started as I was wrapping up class. You nailed it! The high participation was awesome, I told myself. At the end of class, a student approached me at the podium fidgeting with his t-shirt and glancing around the room, eventually making eye contact with me. “Hi Professor Clark. I, um, I was hoping to speak to you in private. When do you have office hours next?”

Even though I had been teaching at the college level for five years, the moment…

Dr. Danielle Clark

Writer. Dog/cat/human mama. Business Professor. Life coach. Healer. One with the Universe. ENFJ. Avid tea drinker. Long walker.

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