It’s always surprising to me when people are surprised that they fail at making change from the…
Astrid Scholz

Astrid Scholz — yeah, I wouldn’t have put it quite so harshly, but after initially feeling positive about the OP’s article, I found myself wondering, “Are they just trying to justify still investing in Uber, even though it’s clear the DudeBro culture will continue?” By the end, they end up sounding like some Fox News mockery of NeoLiberalism by basically saying, “Sure we’ll continue to profit from Uber’s amazing growth, rather than denying them our support over their appalling sexist practices and embrace of Surveillance State Tactics for convenience — but since we’re liberals, we’ll make a show of feeling guilty about it while doing nothing with any teeth in it!”

I have to confess my opinion may have been colored by my personal antipathy for Eric Holder. To me, he’s a man who has made attempts at marijuana legalization even more difficult, and all but ensured that “legal pot” will be run by organized crime, by his hardnosed refusal to allow banks to accept money from marijuana dispensaries and clubs. I also feel his supporting “Law&Order”, and increasing the Surveillance State rather than eradicating it, over protecting those who need protection most speaks p0orly of his priorities. To see them waving Holder about as some paragon is at best discomfiting, and more often enraging.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack your response — I just want to say, you’re not the only one feeling…uncomfortable here, and thank you for speaking out.