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Benghazi has never been an issue for me, Chris Crawford (it was obvious the Republicans cut Embassy Security Funding hoping something like this would happen!)— but her “scrubbing” the e-mails off her server before the FBI got to it? Certainly was — you don’t DO that if you have nothing to hide!

She’s also never given an honest answer to anything — it’s all Lawyer-speak, which makes her sound untrustworthy no matter what.

And what she did to Bernie Sanders in the Primaries? Was — repulsive, and for that alone she deserved to be humiliated by Trump! There’s politics, and then there’s Dr. Pulaski Beating Up on Data — which is what Queen Hillary did to Bernie Sanders. And there’s her air of entitlement, of being owed the Presidency.

You clearly think it’s because she’s a woman that I go on about this, but no — she reminds me of nothing so much as George W. Bush, who I hated with the heat of a thousand suns when he was President, and still believe deserves to be perp-walked all the way to Gitmo for multiple daily sinus rinses and testicular electroshock!

So — shame on you right back, for projecting. Just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I’m some drooling Trumpite misogynist — I wouldn’t have voted for Jill Stein, who at least I believe has principles, if I were….