I’d wager these guys are a bit less driven by spite and their political affiliation than the…
Dan Lennon

Dan Lennon — except every time they meet with Trump, they piss off the people with the disposable income and the inclination to buy their products. Once or twice would, more or less, be forgiven — but to be seen to be steadily meeting with Trump, to no real end, is going to start hurting their bottom line.

Yes, I get He’s the President, and if you want something you Meet With the President — but, Trump’s not a normal President. He’s a Boss Who’s Used to Getting His Way Because He Signs the Paychecks, and he knows less about compromise and give-and-take than the late Steve Jobs did. Of course, Jobs was a genius at design and intuitiveness as well as self-promotion — all Trump knows is how to get attention, and not even his closest friends would say he knows “design” beyond “The Biggest, Gaudiest Erection Ever!”

Repatriating that foreign money can’t be worth that much to them, can it…?

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