Netflix’s ‘Gypsy’ Is Basically a Watered-Down Version of ‘Unfaithful’
Ezinne Ukoha

Idiotbox Watcher — I don’t think a couple bad shows add up to an epic FAIL on Netflix’s part. I’m glad they’re willing to take risks on shows and multi-show universes that basic cable won’t, and stinkers or not they’re showing a willingness to do female-centric programs.

Much of Peak TV is all about male characters Breaking Bad, literally and figuratively — women there largely fall into various points on the Whore/Madonna Scale, and exist there mainly to pleasure/bedevil/endanger/motivate the men who are the real stars! Bad as shows like Girlboss or Gypsy might be, they’re shows about women antiheroes, where men exist to pleasure/bedevil/endanger/motivate them for a change.

Iron Fist, though? Yeah, fuck that badly-done Mighty Whitey bullshit! Marvel’s still got serious problems dealing with Asian cultures, falling into Orientalist Appropriation featuring Caucasian “Chosen One”s — starring actors who aren’t even remotely convincing martial artists.