My family watches Last Man Standing because it’s funny!
Clint Wayne

It might not have anything to do with Allen’s (and his character’s) politics, Brett Rolwes — it could have to do with the ever-dreaded Demographics!!! Demographically speaking, I have a feeling Last Man Standing doesn’t do well at all, appealing largely to older, mostly conservative, and family audiences, all of which have pretty set buying patterns. Advertisers don’t like selling to them as much as they do to 16–24 year old males, who (probably) have a job but still live at home so they have a lot of disposable income, are just out with money looking to spend it so their brand loyalties are still flexible, and who are Not Very Smart so they’re easy to advertise to!

There’s also a pinch (just a pinch) of validity to trying to find a slot for a long-running half-hour show with a middle-aged conservative male lead on a female-skewing network like ABC, whose main audience prefers hour-long dramas either created by Shonda Rhimes — or goofy crime romances starring Nathan Fillion as a doofus being saved by a Badass Lady Cop. (Yeah, I know Castle’s been off the air since the start of the season, but if somebody at ABC Primetime Programming isn’t staying up nights brainstorming “Nathan Fillion as a horny doofus Lawyer and Jeri Ryan as his uptight-but-hot Second Chair who pulls his chestnuts out of the fire each week…. Nathan Fillion as a horny doofus Doctor and Hayley Atwell as his uptight-but-hot new medical partner who pulls his chestnuts out of the fire every week… Nathan Fillion as a horny doofus Starship Commander and…”, I’d be very surprised.) If all their other comedies had done poorly and thus got cancelled, there’s really no place that Last Man Standing fits — unless, they expanded the show to an hour, and cast Nathan Fillion as his Horny Doofus Retired Army Officer neighbor….

Finally, and least pleasantly, I wonder if Tim Allen had a five- or seven-year contract with ABC. If his contract’s up soon, the network might want to get rid of him before his agent starts renegotiating for the next season, at a much much higher rate.