Similar belief system? Dude, you’re a LIBERTARIAN. I mean, really. Way to insult someone.
Keir Hardie

Keir Hardie — clearly, you think every Libertarian, or person with libertarian leanings, is Glenn Beck, Clarence Thomas or the Koch Brothers. There are many of us who are Progressives as well, and believe in the Rights of the Individual Person (as opposed to Rights of the Individual Multinational Corporation!), and who easily found common ground with a man who glories in calling himself a “Democratic Socialist”, Bernie Sanders. We may not agree with him about everything, but we agree with him far more than with either of the major candidates — and most significantly, we appreciate his moral compass, which both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump patently lack.

As for Wil Wheaton — WTF, man? I’m sorry you’re butthurt, but the plain fact is that what destroyed Hilary Rodham Clinton’s run for the White House is and was…Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her air of being owed the Presidency; her thin-skinned reactions to any concerns about the consequences of her much-touted “experience”; her insistence that her gender was sufficient reason for White Women to support her (newsflash — it wasn’t); her refusal to get in front of any of the myriad scandals that plagued her campaign; her evasions, her deflections, her insistence that every criticism of her was either a “Right-Wing Conspiracy” or “Moscow Centre Plot”(!); she and her surrogates (which include you, Mr. Wheaton) virulently insulting Progressives who supported Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein over her, working-class Americans who saw the trade agreements she had been cheerleader for for decades (until hey — suddenly she supposedly “saw the light!”…supposedly) as destroying their towns and cities and lives, and younger women voters who felt her brand of White Professional-Class Middle-Aged “Feminism” didn’t remotely address issues that concerned them; her so taking large parts of her constituency for granted that she’d rather hobnob with — well, celebrities like you rather than campaign in the Rust Belt where the Democratic “firewall” was being breached by a blowhard sexual predator who at least went there and spoke there; and most of all, her refusal to give a straight and honest and consistent answer to any question.

Oh, and though this is a minor peeve of mine, and you may see it as “sexist” — her constantly hitting “Because I’m a Woman, that’s why!” as an excuse for why she’s had problems, whereas the Man of Color who won the Presidential nomination from her in 2008 (and Presidency — twice!), Barack Obama, has never once (despite powerful evidence that racism is why much of the Right viciously hates him!) said in public, “It’s Because I’m Black, isn’t it…?” The difference between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama — is that Obama is a class act, keeps his head in a crisis, and thinks before acting. I don’t agree with at least half of his decisions — but I believe he arrived at them after carefully considering all sides of the issue, with the calm and powerful intellect he possesses.