And what did all of these movements, petitions, rally’s, letters to our politicians and Town Hall…
Laura S Granger

@Laura S Granger — They’ve raised awareness among Americans about Just What Trump Means when he says “Make America Great Again!”, and in some cases (most especially “Repeal and Replace” of the imperfect but still-beats-what-came-before ACA) put enough pressure on the Republican Majority in both Houses of Congress that legislation they swore they’d pass? They didn’t — because it would be political suicide to do so.

No, it didn’t get rid of Trump —given how thoroughly the Democrats screwed themselves over this election cycle, that would be impossible even if we wanted to…and as long as both Mike Pence(!) and Paul Ryan(!!!) are waiting in the wings, we really truly don’t want to! It’s not an easy path to victory, but what matters now is how many of us are engaged in stopping both Trump and the Republicans he’s suddenly sided with — so I guess the Wall Street-Sucking Clinton NeoLiberals did us all some good…?