There’s no comparison to what Fisher was criticizing.

leftgear — Dude, you’re so wrong. Caitlin is speaking truth to NeoLib power, and the Clinton-Sucking NeoLibs hate it, and hate her for seeing through them.

I know exactly what she means — it’s the same false equivalence many of my (former) friends used on me last year when they insisted if I didn’t vote for The Traitor Hillary Rodham Clinton, I was voting for Trump. I realized then they were out of their fucking minds, making excuses that if had been anybody other than the Center-Right DNC’s Anointed One, they’d be the first to demand beheading! One former close friend even tried to defend Hillary’s refusal to support marijuana legalization — he lives in Colorado so he can recreationally smoke weed; I live in NY State, and could go to jail if I smoked weed for my anxiety or backache, thanks to our Dear NeoLib Poster Boy Governor Andrew Cuomo sitting on his ass for over a year about implementation after we voted to legalize Medical Marijuana! (Don’t let his recent sucking up to Bernie Sanders fool you — he’s no Progressive’s friend.)

I also have conservative relatives, and it was…strange how much we had in common this last election: A deep-seated mutual loathing of Hillary Rodham Clinton; a strong belief that NeoLiberalism had done nothing but enrich the fatcats at our expense, while taking away jobs and the Social Safety Net; and most inexplicably from them, a strong admiration for Bernie Sanders. (Mind, they didn’t agree with most of his platform, but none of them felt that nearly was as important as the fact He Is a Good, Honest Person That You Can Have a Good, Honest Disagreement With — and who knows? Maybe he’ll change your mind eventually!)

In the end, I voted for Jill Stein, and the one Conservative Relative I speak regularly with voted for Gary Johnson — because neither of us felt either major party candidate was worth the powder to blow them to Hell.