I believe in moderation of all things — so while I feel that a limited government can be beneficial…
Lynn Walder

Lynn Walder — Oh, you’re a Libertarian, aren’t you? I used to be one before I realized how Big Business rigs the game, including buying the Government, so that “Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps” is a fallacy meant to keep smart people from turning against the oligarchy.

My wife runs a small business (5–6 people at most), and when you consider how privatized health insurance jacks up the rates and finds “exceptions” for giving you the coverage you’re paying for, you might not sneer so hard at single-payer — which the rest of the civilized world has, FYI. You also won’t sneer at Unemployment Insurance, which makes sure your employees (of which I used to be one) at least has some income to survive on while seeking new employment. For that matter, you won’t even hate a Minimum Wage that’s an actual living wage — because that means more people can afford to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

All those “regulations” you’ll flailing at? If they’re not meant to make sure you still have roads to transport your products and services on (and yes, I include The Internet as a “road”, since it was originally built by the US Department of Defense same as the Interstates were), or living healthy and prosperous customers to sell to — then it was likely bribed into place by Big Business to make you HATE any form of regulation…including the ones that make sure your small business had roads to transport on, and is living, healthy and prosperous.