If you want to do the movie on a $20MM budget w/little marketing, sure, go ahead and cast a…
Sean Kerry Depp

Sean Kerry Depp — and yet, for all that “Triangulation” (that word, so beloved of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the NeoLibs who sail with her!) of casting a White Major Star in a movie based on a manga originally featuring an Asian character to “justify the big budget”…Ghost in the Shell is still tanking at the box office. As did Great Wall, and The Last Airbender, and any number of other movies featuring Whitewashed characters.

You would think Hollywood’s money men would get the hint by now that casting White Stars as non-White characters isn’t a Very Smart Strategy — and yet, they still do, and apologists like you still make excuses for them! Guess you guys can be certain of the Rightness of Your Triangulation all the way to the poorhouse — same as those Establishment Democrats who marginalized Bernie Sanders to shove Can’t Lose Hillary Rodham Clinton forward…and we all saw how well THAT worked out, didn’t we?

Here’s a mad thought — since your precious moneymen are going to lose money anyway, why don’t they take a chance and, I dunno, actually cast an Asian actor in a leading Asian role in a major American movie? Maybe for once you’ll get a different result….