I agree that this “lip service” you describe is symptomatic of the establishment Democrats who…
Steve McGrath

Steve McGrath — well, I come from a conservative family, so while I’m not a Libertarian myself (or even a Conservative any longer!) I do understand the thinking. My worry is that — there’s nobody left in the Republican Party to engage with in any substantive way, at least not high enough on the food chain to do any good:

  • Trump is, as I feared, the 21st Century Ethelred The Unready, crashing about like a bull in a china shop and more concerned with getting “Pop!”s from the crowd than anything resembling governance. That’s why he can support and try to destroy any advances in Gay rights, often on the same day!
  • The Republican Leadership of both Houses aren’t much better — they’re more concerned with cutting “Libburuls” down to size and earning their generous campaign contributions than in doing anything positive, even for their traditional base.
  • The Democratic Leadership is — well, we’ve already gone on about them enough, but suffice to say they’re also more interested in earning their generous campaign contributions than doing anything positive!

There are a few people in both parties I might think actually want to help — in addition to Bernie Sanders (who I deeply admire), Congressman John Katko is a Republican from a “swingy” district, and as such supports causes like women’s choice and gay rights. I think he’d listen, but he’s a young Congressman, and I don’t know how much power he has to get anybody in his party’s structure to listen to him….