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The Psycho Wordsmith — problem is, Irrfan Khan’s Big Break in Hollywood Movies, The Martian starring (hey, Mr. No Diversity Please — I’m a Star!) Matt Damon, got played by Chiwetel Ejiofor pretending to be desi. (While he’s preferable to Fisher Stevens, say, I’m not sure why they didn’t simply rewrite his character to be African or African-British to match the actor playing him.) Yes, I realize Irrfan Khan had prior Bollywood commitments, and I’m sure Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is grateful he passed up a major role in a Hollywood hit to play a cop in her comeback movie Jazbaa (which barely made its money back!) — it’s just too bad The Martian couldn’t have accommodated his schedule a bit better.

I’m with you about casting Indian actors in Western movies and television more — the odd comic relief character played by Anil Kapoor, or Priyanka Chopra in the badly-written series Quantico, hardly seem representative.

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