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To be fair (getting out my frame-retardant underwear), I used to be a Libertarian, my ex-Navy kid brother still is one, and am still in favor of some aspects of Libertarianism. I certainly feel the Government should keep its nose out of what (or who) a person chooses to ingest or engage in carnal relations with (with the proviso that the other party’s a consenting adult), and that The War on Drugs has been a costly, and often racist, debacle that nobody in power wants to let go of.

You know the one thing both Eric Holder, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeff Sessions agree on? Keeping marijuana possession/sale a felony offense, no exceptions! That’s why marijuana dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal, or “pot stores” in states where recreational marijuana is legal, are in such a bind, because it’s still against the law for banks to take money from marijuana sales (talk about a way to re-create Prohibition and the new rise of Organized Crime!).

With that said, I’ve always believed Libertarianism is about the rights of the Individual Person, not the Individual Corporation. Corporate Freedom often leads to lack of competition, wages frozen at poverty levels, lobbying for laws advantageous to Corporations rather than People — essentially the NeoLiberal Oligarchy we have now. It’s no surprise that Alan Greenspan, who espoused a “Free Market Uber Alles” philosophy, was Chairman of the Federal Reserve for both Bushs and Clinton, since all three are NeoLiberal Corporate Oligarchs (four if you include The Hillary Who Would Be Queen, as I do).

I also very firmly believe that people aren’t free if the playing field isn’t level, which Corporate Culture encourages — so yes, even when I more openly espoused Libertarian ideas I’ve seen the value of Affirmative Action and other policies most so-called “Libertarians” oppose. My rights as a Straight White Man aren’t trampled on if Blacks, or Women, or Gays get Government help to force — er, “encourage” Corporations, Law Enforcement, and Municipalities to treat them the same way they’d treat me. In fact, I always thought that’s what Libertarianism was all about, Freedom For All!

A number of mainstream pundit types espoused surprise at how many self-described Libertarians supported the openly-Socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Election. I’m not surprised at all, frankly — for a lot of non-Corporate Oligarch fake-”Libertarians”, a person’s character counts for a lot more than what opinions s/he espouses. Next to all of the Snake Oil Sales(w0)men, Hypocrites, and Courtiers of Oligarchy who ran against him, Sanders is an honest man who stands firmly by what he believes in — and Libertarians admire that, even in somebody they don’t otherwise agree with. You know where he stands, unlike Clinton who “Promises Everything, and Delivers Nothing” — or Trump, who has all the principles of the Pro Wrestling Promoter he used to be.