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Unfortunately, it’s more a case of Hillary LOST because she behaved like Queen Bee Clinton Who Had It All in the Bag, and Who Cares About Those Workers and Progressives and BLM Activists anyway? I swear she’s gotten more overtly calculating and intolerant of any dissent as she’s gotten older, so now she just seems to be flipping off just about anybody who’s not 100% in her corner. I get that she’s never going to be an ingratiating person, and feels that her ethically-challenged dealings are the price we all should be happy to pay for her “vast experience and competency” — but she can’t make it work for her because she’s too busy calculating what she should say to find a consistent message that resonates with the public.

Reading this article about Trump — I got it, because these people sound like my relatives and in-laws. I don’t agree with it, but I got it — and three decades back, my wife (who considers Trump The Rapist Antichrist) laughed along with similar, though more wittily put, comments among her Investment Banker bosses in New York City. What appalls New Yorkers now still sounds like “straight talk” to people in Middle America, just like it used to in NYC….

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