But he is right, there.
wat isthisshit

wat isthisshit — it’s not the Left, it’s the Hillaryinsta NeoLibs who are enabling their Corrupt Queen’s Butthurt Tour 2017. They just can’t get over the fact that their hand-picked stooge, Donald Trump, BEAT her by the simple expedient of actually, you know, campaigning someplace other than the Cool Coasts where there are lots of rich smarts eager to rub elbows with Her Majesty Clinton. Soon as I heard Clinton had barely bothered to campaign in the Industrial Midwest (or as she likes to call them, “The Basket of Deplorables”), her loss made a whole lot of sense.

We on the Left? While Trump disgusts and terrifies us — there’s a certain schadenfreude to seeing The Inevitable Hillary Rodham Clinton — faceplanting on the very holes she dug for herself.