Your argument basically boils down to “there are always people in a worse situation than you”.
Weston Pinks

Weston Pinks — actually, Conservative Muslim men were persecuted pretty constantly in America well before 9/11!

  • Remember how our AIPAC Friends told us “Palestinian=Terrorist” from the Fifties on, while selling Heroic Israel Against the Unwashed Brown Muslim Hordes That Would Sweep The One Middle Eastern Democracy Into the Sea?
  • Remember plane hijackings during the Seventies, and how that always seemed to result in suspicion and violence against Conservative Muslim Men living in America?
  • Remember the Chuck Norris vehicle Invasion, USA, in which Middle Eastern Terrorists and the KGB ganged up to commit random acts of low-budget terror which Norris would spin-kick out of existence? Or if that’s too low-rent for you, how about the Academy-Award Winning 1960 feature Exodus…?
  • Remember the first WTC bombing during the Clinton years? I do, because I worked for Charles Schwab down on Wall Street at the time, and in middle of the day the entire World Trade Center Office walked into ours, shaking their heads and muttering about a “terrorist bombing” that had forced an evacuation.

Discrimination and persecution may not be as obvious as shooting or beating the crap out of some poor schmuck while screaming racist epithets at him — it could also be refusing to hire/eat at a table near/demanding the removal from the plane or bus you’re on of that same non-White Protestant person. I’d say you’re talking from your own position of privilege if you think Muslim Men have ever had it easy in America….