Dr. Dasen Brajkovic MD - Dealing with Addiction Recovery

Dr. Dasen Brajkovic MD always wanted to pursue a career that involves helping others, and he has been able to satisfy this as a psychiatrist. He has been working in the medical field since 1987, which is when he graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. He is the current Medical Director of Psychiatric Services at the Staten Island University Hospital, where he is responsible for sixty staff members, and the coordination of all psychiatric services for the facility. Early in his medical career, especially as a resident, he was involved in variety of neurological research programs.

Dr. Dasen Brajkovic has been working in psychiatry for decades, and he does a lot of work with patients addicted to various substances. He works hard in order to help his patients pinpoint their source of addiction, as well as support them on the road to recovery. Here are some tips for dealing with addiction in recovery.

The first thing you want to do is realize that help is available. Going through recovery after having been addicted to a particular substance is extremely difficult, and you don’t have to go through it alone. Seeking psychiatric care is a proven way to help overcome your addiction, and realize why you became addicted in the first place.

Dr. Dasen Brajkovic MD also explains that you need to keep yourself away from your old life before recovery as much as you can. For some people, it isn’t even a good idea to see people from your past because they could lead you to relapse.