Product Update — all the things you need to know about reMarkable right now

I am looking forward to reviewing and annotating PDFs (journal articles) in comfortable spots around New York City. I am anticipating a LOT of questions and queries when people see me using something new, clean and appealing. You might want to consider including discount coupons with your first shipping so happy users can spread the love.

One suggestion (for the future): you might consider integration with EndNote ( as this is a premier research database that academics use to store, organize and search citations with PDFs attached. The EndNote software has very primitive editing ability. I don’t know if this would be possible in any way but if you could have a lite version of EndNote available on the Remarkable just to open files, edit PDFs and sync with users online accounts that would be amazing and make your product indispensable for EndNote users everywhere.

Thank you for bringing this product to market — I think “pack rat paper people” everywhere are looking forward to clean and clear desks in 2017.

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