The Geolytix Retailpoint Dataset

David Horgan

Part 3: Kingston-on-Thames

Tesco Extra, New Malden (credit: Yujie Chen)

In the first part of this series, which can be found here, I looked at the store and population distribution at the UK national level.

In part 2 of this series, which can be found here, I concentrated the analysis on London, UK.

This part 3 of this series, I’m looking at why the Tesco Extra at New Malden has one of the highest sales in the Tesco Stores PLC estate.

Tesco Extra, New Malden, UK

The transport links at this location are fantastic:

It is adjacent to the A3 a main road which is part of the UK national strategic road network and which carries around 3% of all the traffic in the UK. It has two railways, one on either side, carrying 24 trains an hour. These lines both originate from London, Waterloo Main rail station. Waterloo is the busiest station in Britain with about 100 million passengers per year. London Buses routes 57, 131, 152, 163, 200 and K5 and night route N87 serve the location.

One-hour travel zone for travel by car, Tesco Extra, New Malden
One-hour travel zone for travel by public transport, Tesco Extra, New Malden

Local population characteristics

The population density around Tesco Extra New Malden (white circle)

The store is located in a high population area, which has plenty of shops like furniture shops, DIY stores but comparatively few other Grocery supermarkets in the immediate area.

Kingston (red) and Wimbledon (yellow) catchment areas

Tesco Extra, New Malden lies in the intersection between the Kingston and Wimbledon catchment areas. The Kingston catchment area has a population of 866000 and the Wimbledon catchment area has a population of 701000, giving a total population of 1.5 million in the area around Tesco Extra New Malden

Tesco Extra New Malden (red circle), one of the least deprived areas in the UK.

The location is in one of the least deprived areas in the UK, Kingston is the third least deprived city in Britain, following the City of Westminister and Richmond-upon-Thames, so there is a reasonably affluent customer base in the area.

Google maps image of Tesco Extra New Malden

In summary, the location of Tesco Extra, New Malden;

Great transport links, the busy A3 which is great for customers and distribution, rail stations and public transport. There is also plenty of space for a large car park and the associated petrol filling station.

A strong local community with schools, leisure facilities and a range of non-grocery shops such as DIY, consumer technology and furniture nearby. The local LEA is in the top 10 of the league tables.

A density populated but affluent area with low levels of deprivation. With a likely catchment population of approximately 1.5 million.

David Horgan

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I am a theoretical physicist with a data science background. At present, I am developing a UK retail market using ABM, ML and computational econometrics.

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