Recently I have been playing the game ‘They Are Billions’ on PC. So far I have played over 500 hours. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this game is the variety. It comes in several formats; the campaign mode, the survival mode, community challenges and custom games. Each of these modes has a variety of levels of difficulty and type of terrain.

I have returned to base building or tower defence type games relatively, recently having retired and being encouraged by my memories of playing Command and Conquer some time ago.

The levels of difficulty in the game range…

When Art, Science and Lovecraft Collide

Art, Science and Lovecraft credit: David Horgan

Some ideas about how to merge my knowledge of M-theory and the Elder gods from Lovecraft’s mythos. As a theoretical physicist, I’ve always been drawn towards quantum gravity, superstrings, general relativity and M-theory.

The Joy Of PC Games

PC games credit: David Horgan

In the 90’s I loved to play games such as Frontier Elite, Dune, Return to Zork and Doom going to bed at 3 a.m in the morning. Gradually as my work and family responsibilities built up my gaming reduced to a trickle playing the occasional game of Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Space Marine or Dawn of War.

Now that I have retired I have been able to renew my love of computer games. They are a fabulous pastime, they are convenient, stimulating, challenging and highly enjoyable. I find that depending on the game they can be…

Developing Game and Virtual Environments for Free with Unity

Modelling an apartment image credit: David Horgan

I recently completed the Coursera Futures Thinking Specialisation. As a result, I have been thinking about energy-saving technologies. In order to do this, I thought it would be a good idea to build a 3D VR environment which displayed energy reduction technologies in action and enabled the player to walk around and interact with the technologies.

I researched a few options and in the end, I chose to use the Unity game development engine which is available free for personal use. …

Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

My biography is complicated, I’ve had an exciting and varied life during which I have worked in several fields. These academic research, retail management, teaching and a variety of areas within data analysis, software development and web technologies. I am very fortunate to have found employment in a range of enjoyable and challenging fields.

I first studied computers with the British computer society in 1981 using punchcards and BASIC. I did my first degree BSc(Hons) in Theoretical Physics at the University of Leeds full-time in 1984, followed by a graduate-level study of philosophy and theology at Durham University. …

Medium — the first month

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

A month ago I published my first article on Medium. Since then I have written nine articles mainly on aspects of the retail industry. I’m retired now so why do this? Well, after a lifetime of constrained writing — whether as a teacher, retail manager or physicist I can now write about topics I enjoy, that I want to write about. I can get involved with the other writers and content I appreciate, which is mainly data science and philosophy.

How is it going? I have read lots of articles about writing on medium and…

David Horgan

I am now retired and enjoy science fiction, PC games, python and reading theoretical physics especially about emergent spacetimes and quantum gravity.

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