The Infinite Splintering of the Left
Ryan Huber

This seems like its only a problem for the identity politic left. Anyone on the Economic left, Establishment left, left leaning civil libertarians, plain old moderates who find the right impalpable etc don’t have this issue. The people who actually have the time or energy to splinter over issues such as “transracial v. transgender epistemology” is a very very small fraction of a percent of people who vote Democrat. You will never see these “issues” in a national debate.

Quite frankly I don’t even see what the hoopla is about. I have no idea what a transracial is supposed to be and I don’t really have time to bother with the identity politic left’s byzantine taxonomy of allegedly oppressed minorities. If the identity politic left splinters to a million pieces and falls apart then good. As far as I care it was a cancer to begin with.

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