I Accept Your Challenge.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Jon, I saw that Guy’s title and just kept scrolling. I thought to myself, “Thanks for telegraphing your bitter proposition and saving me precious lost minutes reading your bullshit.

Then, this morning, I run across this piece and was challenged to give it a read. FYI — I signed up for your Sunday emails and follow you. It was how prolific you are, more than content really, that piqued my curiosity.

I’m not here because I’m looking for self help, clearly a contradiction of mammoth proportions. I just turned 69, am more pleased than not about how my life evolved, all my kids turned out to be smarter and more successful than I ever dreampt to be myself. I’m sitting too close to the exit to consider any sweeping life changes.

I’ve just got a couple of questions for you Jon.

You’ve been telling folks about yourself for over a decade. Apparently a goodly number of your readers found you to be interesting and they applied some of the lessons you learned in their own lives. Cool. But what precipitated this whole writing thing? Where did that come from? What objectives, if any, did you have? Where did you develop this incredible ability to be so prolific every damned day? Where do you hope to go with this in the decade to come?

And, I have to ask this. Have you monetized this in a way that supports you or do you keep a day job?

Hey, thanks for wading through this and accommodating some random old dude.

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