A Celebration

Today is Easter for the Christian religion and Passover for Jews.

I grew up in a cult who didn’t celebrate either one. Before I married the relationship with my religion was quite strained in fact it was clear to me and my family that I wasn’t staying in the religion.

By the time I had children my husband had joined a mainstream religion, The Disciples of Christ. I was very active in our church. I was the church secretary while I was pregnant with our first child. After he was born I led the Children’s Ministry and Elder of the church. I loved this new church but it was a dying church. Before we closed down we planned the services according to “Tuesdays With Morrie.”

Needless to say, when that church died my interest in a brick and mortar religion completely went away.

And then we moved to the Deep South.

I’ve lived here 15 years. My son begged for a brother or sister and I acquiesced after two years of him asking, so in our fourth year in the South my baby girl was born.

Even though I don’t really exercise any kind of religion, I went with what is popular in my ecosystem or what is around my children. So, Easter it is. But deep inside and my authentic self is more with equinoxes.

In point of fact, it is a long weekend but the public schools were able to coincide their “Easter” and not call it that. It was Thomas Jefferson’s birthday so the school board took Friday off. There is a huge Easter egg hunt at our downtown park, Coolidge Park, where my daughter did an Easter egg hunt two years ago. I’ve asked her if she wanted to celebrate Easter by doing an egg hunt, but she didn’t really show any keen interest to it. Last night before we went to sleep I asked her again if she wanted to do an egg hunt at the park because the egg hunt is at 9 am! She simply said, “no.” I’d rather do an egg hunt around the house.

It is Easter Sunday and I am writing instead. That’s my Easter egg hunt. And it seems totally fitting for my rebirth or equinox. This is the first-time I became courageous enough to write a blog and publish it.

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