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Dr. Dov Rand
Aug 24, 2018 · 5 min read

With erectile dysfunction affecting the majority of men at some point in their lives, the search for treatment options has been a large and growing focus for health professionals. While many options have centered on the use of drugs or invasive surgeries to achieve results, effective methodologies that don’t use these types of techniques have so far lagged behind. However, this is beginning to change with the growing adoption of the new GAINSWave technology, a therapy boasting impressive results. One health expert who has a deep professional knowledge of erectile dysfunction and its various treatment options is Dr. Dov Rand. With an enduring commitment to seeking out alternative treatment options for a variety of afflictions, he has helped many through the employ of this new methodology. Read on for a look at his practice as well as the specifics of this treatment.

Profesional overview

Dr. Dov Rand is a leading professional in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. His commitment to seeking effective treatment options for a wide range of medical conditions stems in part from his desire to pursue a career in medicine from an early age. Following his undergraduate stint at Rutgers University, he would receive his medical degree and additional training from Howard University and the Albert Einstein Medical Center. The academic rigor of those institutions, coupled with the doctor’s natural curiosity, would provide the basis for a lifelong search for effective treatments for medically underserved patients.

This drive would manifest soon after he first entered the field of medicine professionally. Though many medical conditions had established treatment practices in place, new studies were emerging at a rapid pace that provided additional insights into many difficult to treat illnesses. After finding that many of his colleagues were unwilling to depart from the “pill for ill” approach, Rand set out to start a different kind of practice that would be focused on using the latest scientific studies to treat patients with the most up to date options available.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

In order to understand how GAINSWave technology can treat erectile dysfunction, it is helpful to first take a look at some of the typical ways in which the condition manifests itself. As is widely known, erections are governed by blood flow to the penis. When a man with healthy sexual functionality becomes aroused, his nervous system signals for increased blood flow to the area which causes blood to become trapped in the penis, resulting in an erection.

For men with erectile dysfunction, this process can become impaired. Though the condition can be caused by issues in the nervous system, which would interfere with the body’s ability to signal arousal, many times the problem is in the vascular system itself. Over the course of the aging process, the vascularity of the male sexual system can become reduced and blood flow to the penis may become compromised. Without the adequate flow of blood to the organ, it lacks the ability to become engorged and result in a natural, healthy erection. As a result, even if arousal is present, many men may experience the onset of erectile dysfunction as they age and their vascular system degrades.

Benefits of GAINSWave

Previously, in order to help treat the type of erectile dysfunction highlighted above, many doctors would prescribe drugs that would help to increase blood flow to the penis, such as Viagra. Though these drugs can be effective, they have many drawbacks including unwanted side effects. But recent studies have found that the use of shockwave technology, the technology used in the GAINSWave methodology, has been linked to a host of benefits when applied to the male sex organ.

Researchers and practitioners have found that the new methodology can actually stimulate the growth of vascularity to the penis through a process known as angiogenesis. This process not only creates new blood vessels, but also can increase the health and flow capacity of blood vessels that already exist. Since, as noted above, erectile healthy is heavily influenced by blood flow to the penis, the therapy very often results in more frequent, stronger, and more robust erections. Additionally, the therapy has been known to bring related sexual benefits to patients such as a higher degree of sexual pleasure and the ability to engage in sex more frequently.

Practice examination

With an understanding that the above technology represents a sea change for many suffering from erectile dysfunction, Dr. Dov Rand now offers the treatment through his practice, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. This focus on emerging methodologies to help find solutions for patients suffering from hard to treat conditions is nothing new for the practice. Over the years, through a commitment to knowledge accumulation and patient-centered care, it has gained a reputation as a treatment facility that embraces the cutting edge of modern scientific research. This approach is founded on a firm belief that all treatments must be rooted in scientific fact, rather than anecdotal theory.

By following the above protocols, the practice is able to treat a wide variety of conditions, with erectile dysfunction being only one. In addition, the doctor and his staff help patients with issues such as weight loss, hair restoration, functional medicine, and more. These services are aimed at helping patients achieve their optimal level of health as they age and to find healthy alternatives to some of the outdated methods utilized in other sectors of the medical field. Through this high level of care, the practice has earned praise from patients and colleagues alike, all of whom are responsive to the science-focused approach on display at the centers.

Though erectile dysfunction can be a complex condition with numerous causes, many in the field of medicine seek somewhat simplistic protocols when treatment is required. With modern scientific studies uncovering interesting new methods of treating the condition non-invasively, the ability of the modern patient to seek out treatments has never been higher. The use of GAINSWave technology is one new treatment that has been shown to be exceptionally effective in studies and in usage. By offering the treatment, along with many other protocols, Dr. Dov Rand is providing his patients with a more holistic approach to health that many have struggled to find from others in the medical field.

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Dr. Rand is a physical medicine and rehabilititation specialist who runs his own practice called, The Healthy Aging Medical Centers.