I don’t look that bad?
Nicki Samuels

I think people downplay the condition because a lot of people deep down are uncomfortable with and don’t really want to believe in labels like “Asperger’s” or “depression” or “anxiety” or “chronic fatigue” and so on and forth, in terms of these conditions being extrinsic and objective. Unless they can see extreme evidence ( like someone with severe autism or catatonic depression) they thing it’s all a bit like hocus pocus. A lot of people seem to want to stick to the old-fashioned idea that if only you’d try harder, work harder, stop looking for attention, stop feeling sorry for yourself, tuck your shirt in, even turn to Jesus and ask forgiveness for your sins; you could cure yourself. No less than the official party policy document of the current government here (Australia) explicitly states that just because you have a mental illness or condition doesn’t give you an excuse to be lazy or on the dole, as long as you are physically fit you should be working and productive.

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